The Search For Jobs


With so many Americans losing their jobs over the past two years, a lot of them are trying to get whatever jobs that they can even though they are often very overqualified. The number of people applying for low paying jobs has been staggering. Hundreds of applicants are showing up for a minimum wage seasonal jobs that used to just attract some high school teenagers. This article will look into some examples of people that are qualified in one thing like a former computer technician and consultant that is now working on the side to do iPod screen repair or iPhone screen repair to make ends meet.

The home building and construction business has hit an all time low with the real estate market being the worst off it has ever been. People are not buying homes but losing them instead and this has greatly affected those in the home building business. It is not uncommon to see a top construction builder of custom homes turning to do any type of handyman jobs just to be able to pay the bills. Many are just trying to get work by going door to door seeing if anyone needs anything fixed with their home.

Another example of this is the amount of cutbacks school districts have had to make for teachers. What was once considered a secure reliable career has now left many longtime teachers without jobs for the first time ever? Teachers that have masters degrees and years of experience are now let go because their salary requirements are too high for the district to afford and this is causing some of them to be paid minimum wage taking care of infants at a child care instead of teaching in their particular field of education.

Americans that were once employed by the automobile industry have also been greatly affected by the economy with many of their offices closing down and thousands of lay offs happening. why not find out more some of these employees were longtime managers of a dealership for over twenty years making a nice living for themselves and their families and now they are left trying to find the simplest, lowest of paying jobs that may be available. It is not uncommon to see former car industry executives now waiting on tables at a restaurant or manning the cash register at a retail store to make ends meet.

Because there are so many people applying for every single job opening, that has made it quite difficult for the younger generation of workers to find any kind of employment. What used to be considered jobs for high school teenagers or recent college grads are now being taken by people with more education and experience taking away the opportunity to work for the younger people. One example of this is at the hiring day for seasonal jobs working at King’s Island amusement park in Cincinnati, there were thousands of applicants there applying for low paying summertime work that once drew mainly teenagers and college kids.

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